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Americans Looking At New Zealand After Bush's Re-election

11/06/2004 12:09 PM ID: 44187

Americans Looking At New Zealand After Bush's Re-election

The New Zealand Immigration Service website has reported that the day after George W. Bush was re-elected president they recorded 10,300 hits from the United States, this compares to a daily average of 2500.

Attracted by New Zealand's small population and clean, green image thousands of North Americans have emigrated, the number could now soar. Immigration Service offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland have also been inundated with calls.

Marketing manager Don Badman said: "It's exploded. It really started picking up from 11pm the night of the election." The offices have been receiving up to 300 calls a day, this is up from 6 to 8 calls a day.
Source: www.news.com.au
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