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Return from the land of windmills

I am now, as of today, home from Holland. bet you didn't even realize i was gone! The last 10 days (the ones in Holland :p) were really great, i made so many new friends from all over Europe and i had so much fun with them doing all sorts of drama/theater/arts related games and workshops. And, there not much point in me saying this as only Elaine and Charlotte know her, but Claudie (aka Cluse) is the bestest youth worker ever, i mean what other youth worker would take Andy and I to Holland and teach us loads of groovy new things?


  • Zebheffers.
  • Bill(claudies boss/skatepark guy):"we were about 1/2 a dozen short, right Claudie?"
    Claudie: "No! We were definitely  only 6 short"
    *lots of laughing from Andy and I later*
    Claudie: "Fuck! I'm such a blonde!"
  • Laura(girl in our group): "How come those windmills are turned off?"
    Claudie: "They don't get 'turned off', it's just not windy enough"
    Laura: "So it's their day off then?"
  • "Sex museum" in Amsterdam, you should have seen Bills face!
  • A 14 yo Pollish boy(Mark) asking Andy, Manu(our friend from Austria) and myself if we could give him "Mama's milk, Mama's milk" whilst making sucking gestures at our breasts. Maybe i should explain that we were all in dresses and wearing bras filled with socks, other than the Mark who was dressed as a prince.(was for a performance and i still have the dress :s)
  • The last night, due to the hilarity caused by me making (for once) really good, witty jokes, that made andy roll on the floor in the bar for about 10 min and claudie had to run away to the toilet to stop herself from leaking due to laughing to much.  

sorry about the randomness of this post, there is so so much more but you have to ask me about it coz i can't be bothered putting it all in here.

love Matt xxx

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